Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby bye-bye...

Miss 7's teacher leaves school this week to have her first baby *heart*

I do think it's utterly lovely that some people still like the 'gender surprise' so the oversized card is in classic neutral colours - yellow (daffodil delight), white and crumb cake.  The kids from class then signed a baby tee each for the inside.

I'm super-stoked with the 'bouquet' too!  Organic baby clothes wrapped into rose shapes - a trick I sourced off YouTube.  A nice way to present what would otherwise be a boring gift voucher!


  1. Utterly gorgeous KMA.......makes me all clucky!
    C xxx

  2. Oh WOW I adore your bouquet and I love the cute card. I particularly dig your idea for the tees inside very clever. Hugs M xx


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