Sunday, August 30, 2009

Too few sleeps to go...

I love love love Christmas!

Come and share in the creative fun at my next workshop!

You'll make four Christmas cards and decorate a wonderful box to put them in!

This 2hr workshop is suitable for complete beginners.

Tuesday 29 September
10:30am START
My house
$25 (includes all materials)
BYO lunch

Limited places available - Reserve your spot today!

RSVP no later than Tuesday 15 September.

If you have your own trimmer, please bring along (NOT essential)

Big crafty love

Always thinking of you...

Sadly (for me anyway) I feel writing cards to friends for no good
reason other than to say hello, is a dying art....

It's not stopping me making note sets though!

I've used a two-step stamp on this card - Baby Dragonfly Large
Kaszazz 6345

Long live postmen!

Little friends...

ooooh... I am in love with this note set.
Based on a Kaszazz workshop, I've used Hero stamps for the wee images
and plain Basill card for the box (scrapbooking papers could be used
for box lid).
I think it is just divine!

Just a little note...

My variation on a note set I'd seen made by a few other people.

Using a roller stamp, it becomes so easy to create coordinated note cards, envelopes and wallet and in a real jiffy too.

Only my first attempt - I'll make sure the wallet is truly square next time!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tick tock tick tock...

Come & join the fun at my clock making workshop!

Tuesday 1 September
My house
$40 (includes all product incl papers and embellishments)
BYO lunch

This 2hr workshop is suitable for complete beginners and beyond!

There'll be templates for you to follow or use your free spirit! If you would like incorporate a photo, it would need to be 3x5" MAX :o)

If you have your own trimmer, craft scissors and / or craft knife, please bring along (NOT essential)

So don't let time run out! Limited places available - Reserve your spot today!

Children WELCOME!
I just can't wait...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What a wonderful day....

I had the best day yesterday...

Apart from talking too much (a vice I accept grudgingly), I watched

I watched people do things they'd not done before...

I watched people with friends...

I watched people chatting...

... people having a giggle....

Mostly I think I watched people relax... and that it is very cool

I heard kids enjoying the freedom of a house where adults were

I watched dressup princesses flitting around as if powered by fairy

I heard, saw and shared laughter...

I belonged.

Thanks sunny day, you have been kind :o)


... and here is what was created on my sunny funny day!

Designs attributed to and adapted from Kaszazz projects.

Football crazy, Football mad...

I love this card - with two daughters, I rarely get the chance to 'go
I borrowed this stamp from a wonderful new friend who I feel I have
known & laughed with forever xxxx

Original design - kma

Tying my laces...

These Kaszazz projects are stunning - photos cannot do them justice.

Using a Quick Kit, I created a unique way to dust off some boxed wedding photos and display them proudly.

Then , attending a workshop, I produced a hanging homage to my stunning kids... swoon...

Designs created and available through Kaszazz.

Mail for the males...

A simple original collection made up from off-cuts from other
projects, I often find myself hunting for nice cards for the men in
our lives.

My hubbie, hereinafter known as Mr Wunchub, likes the 'industrialism'
of the metal embellishments (in this collection, Kaszzaz Aged Copper
split pins).

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Variety is the spice of life...

More off cuts are used to make this original cheery, yellow card.
I also added some sparkle to the green banner strip by applying
Perfect Medium with my Rollergraph and scattering some glitter before

The latter two designs are attributed to or adapted from Kaszazz projects.

I LOVE these little stamps...

Using off cuts of Basill Basics card and nitbits of ribbon, see these
lovely Hero Art Owl / bird stamps sit happily on their perches...

Original designs - kma

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My big girl's 1st School photo card...

(her school photo is on the inside!)

Floral madness for my sis-in-law...

Made for my Niece on her graduation...

A beautiful girl with a beautiful heart...

From the heart...

For the kids...

It's nice to say thanks...

'Enchanted Bling'

A 'commission' for a friend's baby room..

My acrylic blending phase!

Mar 05 Moment in Thyme
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