Friday, October 9, 2009

International commission....

Here are some cards I've designed for a UK client who's after
Christmas cards to send out from her business.... ok.... so it's my
mum!! ha ha ha!

I think this means I am offficially global? HA HA HA!

I've concentrated on trying to create a variety of stylish cards yet
(due to high numbers required), simple designs that can be produced
efficiently. I'll let you know which one (if any!) my 'client' chooses!


Land ahoy...

I think my red and green phase (christmas christmas christmas) may be
a little tired, so I'm going to sea! Navy is the new black... today!

Using Kaszazz Sea Theme stamps, I've embossed dark blue onto white
with great naval success!

I also played with (another!) new toy, the Crop-a-Dile... how did I
cope before this tool moved in to live with me?


my two new friends....

I am in love with the pirate... and romantically hope he is married to the
ballerina :o)

I used watercolours to colour these cuties and punches (including my
new fave toy, the round tab punch) to embellish.


Tree Friends...

I found some ink pens at a REAL steal recently - I'd never used them
before; I'd merely marvelled at other people's results!

So here's my first attempt at 'colouring in' my stamps.... and I'M
STOKED! I was worried that the first bits would dry before I'd finished colouring the last bits, but NO! Very happy!

Just love the extra dimension the colour gives, particularly to the
leaves in the trees.



These 'chicks' are new to the Kaszaaz range and I just love them!
Not usually my cup of tea really but there's just something about
these sassy girls and their strut that makes them seem so noughties!
Very Sex In The City!

These cards include stamping, embossing techniques, watercolours and eyelet setting.


kids kids kids...

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently but I'm been
busy 'behind the scenes'!

Here's another of my 'kids cards' purges! I sent a couple away and
missed them so much I had to make more! Here are the new variations...


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