Saturday, February 19, 2011

Old Older Brother...

My brother turns 40 this weekend (Yes, he IS older than me!) and I turned to the incredible owl-musings of Kez Bunting for some inspiration.

My brother has flown planes since he was in nappies and has some high-falutin' title within Her Majesty's Royal Air Force... to me he is bruv... or sometimes Sir if I feel it might help me avoid physical pain!??!  We grew up in an old English pub and he has a pomme penchant for warm beer!  Hence inspiration behind card!

Despite our age, experience and the distance between us, when I see him he offers bear hugs and the ominous look in his eye that he is going to ruffle my hair!

Happy birthday bruv!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Extreme, dude...

OK, so I am not 'down' with street talk and often find myself in 70s/80s mode with 'groovy-nice one-wicked', but I know an AWESOME modern masculine card when I see one and Jo Eade utterly nailed it!

I've blatantly copied the entire design - well, why fix what ain't broken!?! - maybe I added an extra layer and then followed through by embossing Extreme Guitarist as well as Jo's original Extreme Surfboard.

It's so hard to make modern, masculine cards but Extreme Elements have certainly kicked my groove into gear!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Happy Valentine...

'nuff said!
He won't have a clue who it's from!??!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


oooooooh!  Two of our best pals have just had their second baby boy, gorgeously referred to by older bro' Harrison as babeeJack (one word, said very fast!).

I'd seen a few furniture-themed cards online and took my inspiration from a number of places whilst making this design my own.  I am utterly in love with the Woodgrain background stamp which I had used here in the most classic sense.

Welcome to our world babeeJack - gifts like you keep it a happy place xxxx

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