Friday, October 9, 2009

International commission....

Here are some cards I've designed for a UK client who's after
Christmas cards to send out from her business.... ok.... so it's my
mum!! ha ha ha!

I think this means I am offficially global? HA HA HA!

I've concentrated on trying to create a variety of stylish cards yet
(due to high numbers required), simple designs that can be produced
efficiently. I'll let you know which one (if any!) my 'client' chooses!



  1. I like them all but I think the first and last ones are my favourites. Congrats on going global! which one did your "client" pick? Terrific cards.

  2. Thanks Kez! 'client' picked number 2! 240 of them! ha ha ha!

    Must dash... got a very fantastically super blog hop to get back too!!


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