Saturday, April 2, 2011

A lottle bit of love!...

** whoop whoop **

My main muse and most adorable Sue Dean has nominated me for this lush award... Only the other day I was admiring a blog-award and dreaming that when I grow up, I might get one of those  :oD  I truly feel I have entered the crafty blogging community!  

So - thank you thank you thank you lovely Sue!

Now I must direct my reader (singular, Cassie! mwah!) to 3 sites that I adore (who should have under 300 followers)... just 3... no more... yikers!

So, apart from Sue, here are three people over whom I get REALLY excited when my RSS tells me they've updated their blog! 

Jo Eades
Marelle Taylor
Patrice @ Spring Blossom Musings

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.


  1. Congratulations KMA on your blog award......very well deserved!
    I check out Marelle's blog often, and now I've added Jo & Patrice's blogs to my RSS feeds too!
    Thanks for the mention hehehe!
    xxx C

  2. Karen, a very belated thank you! You know by now that I'm only just catching up on all that happened around early April!

    Congrats on your very first Award and officially 'entered the crafty blogging community' lol.


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